Researchers are learning how to manipulate the defects on surface layers of smectic liquid crystals.
Electronic circuit boards provide dependable, efficient, scalable architecture for large-scale battery management.
Nanoparticles have the potential to improve human health.
Electron wave function describes the quantum state of a system of one or more particles.

About Sponsored Projects Office (SPO)

The Sponsored Projects Office (SPO), a unit within the Office of Research and Economic Development (ORED), is responsible for reviewing, endorsing and submitting proposals to extramural sponsors for research, training, instructional and other activities. SPO also prepares, negotiates and accepts agreements for projects funded by federal and state agencies, foundations and other public and private sources.

Other responsibilities include:

  • providing advice to faculty and staff members regarding the management and administration of sponsored projects;
  • interpreting the terms and conditions of awards; interpreting sponsor and university policies and government regulations;
  • monitoring institutional compliance with government regulations and award requirements;
  • drafting, negotiating, executing and monitoring subagreements under UC Merced’s prime awards;
  • coordinating pre-award and non-accounting post-award actions requiring institutional or sponsor prior approval; and
  • drafting, negotiating and executing various other agreements related to UC Merced’s prime awards, such as data-use and collaboration agreements