SPO Review

The following guidelines apply to all extramural proposals (including proposals for subawards) for which there is a sponsor deadline. They also apply to letters of intent, white papers, or other pre-proposal submissions that contain or propose institutional commitments to which UCM will be expected to adhere. Completed proposals must be submitted to the Sponsored Projects Office (SPO) at least five working days prior to the sponsor deadline via Cayuse SP.  For subawards, the sponsor deadline is the date the proposal package is due to the pass-through entity providing funding to UC Merced. The date and time the proposal is submitted for routing in Cayuse SP will be the date and time the proposal is considered received by SPO.  A proposal will be considered “on time” if it is received by 8 a.m. on the fifth day prior to the proposal deadline. 

Within the first business day of receipt by SPO, a proposal will be assigned, in Cayuse SP, to a proposal specialist in SPO.  The proposal specialist will review the submitted proposal for completeness according to the guidelines found here.  The review for completeness will happen within the first business day of submission.  If the proposal is determined to be incomplete, it will be re-opened and an email sent to the PI indicating that the proposal has been returned.  If an incomplete proposal is received and reopened, it will not be considered received by SPO until it has been resubmitted via Cayuse SP with all required documentation available to SPO, either in Cayuse or the sponsor’s portal, if submitting via a sponsor’s website.

If no email is received indicating that the proposal has been reopened within one business day of submission, then the proposal will move forward for review regardless of completeness.

SPO will review all complete, on-time proposals submitted within three business days of receipt.  The office will also begin using a proposal checklist to ensure that reviews are consistent.  In addition to being emailed to the PI and their administrator, when involved, the checklist will be uploaded to the Cayuse record so that it is accessible by all without the need to search through email. 

For proposals that are submitted to SPO for review after the five working day deadline, every effort will be made to submit the proposal before the sponsors’ deadline.  A review may not be possible.  SPO will not be responsible for the unsuccessful submission or administrative rejection of a proposal submitted after the five working day deadline.  Should the proposal result in an award, SPO may decline the award if the terms and conditions do not meet University requirements or re-budget funds as necessary to bring the budget in to compliance with University requirements.

A summary of proposal routing steps in Cayuse SP can be found here. Additional information and training materials related to routing are available at cayuse.ucmerced.edu.