ERA Commons

ERA Commons

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has developed the eRA Commons, a system to facilitate the discrete exchange of essential information between NIH and applicant organizations. The Web interface allows NIH and the grantee community to conduct their extramural research administration business electronically.

Status: Allows principal investigators to review the current status of all their grant applications and review detailed information associated with their grants. PIs will also use the status function to review proposals submitted through and transferred to the Commons for review. Institutional officials can see summary views of grant applications, review Notice of Grant Awards and access the Progress Report face page.

eSNAP: Allows an institution to review non-competing grant data and submit progress reports online.

Internet assisted review (IAR): Allows reviewers to submit critiques and preliminary scores for applications they are reviewing as part of scientific review groups. Allows reviewers, scientific review administrators and grants technical assistants to view all critiques in preparation for meetings. IAR creates a preliminary summary statement body containing submitted critiques for the SRA or GTA.

Demo Facility: Demo Facility allows users to try most of the capabilities of the Commons in a sample environment. 

Password Policy
NIH has instituted a stringent password policy to reduce the risk of unauthorized access to the system. Users must change passwords at least every 180 days and cannot reuse any password for one year. Passwords must be at least eight characters and be a mix of alpha, numeric and special characters. The first and last characters may not be numeric. Passwords cannot contain the user’s login name.

Registration Requirements
To log in and use the Commons, faculty and staff members must contact the SPO to create user accounts.

NIH Provided Assistance
NIH Commons User Support Branch
Help Desk 866-504-9552 (toll free)
301-402-7469 (voice)
301-451-5675 (fax)
301-451-5939 (TTY)

Acknowledgment: This webpage is based on the eRA webpage developed by the Sponsored Projects Office at UC Irvine and used by permission.