How do I request a no cost extension?

A no cost extension is the extension of a project period without additional funding from the sponsor. If a project's end date is approaching but the principal investigator (PI) identifies that the research needs to continue, a no-cost extension allows the end date to be extended.

A no-cost extension request is an amendment to the award agreement and must be formally submitted to the sponsor for the official approval through SPO.

Note: Funds remaining in the account is not acceptable justification for requesting an extension. Extensions may be requested only for programmatic reasons. However, sufficient funds must be available to support the project for the additional period of time, including the support of committed effot. Some sponsors may request information about the amount of funds remaining in the account and others may request a budget indicating how funds remaining at the end of the original project period will be spent during the extension. Please consult the original award notice and your Department Research Administrator for sponsor-specific requirements.

Most federal agencies have delegated the authority for approving a no-cost extension for grants to the grantee institution. This authority permits SPO to internally approve a one-time no-cost extension, extending the end date of the project period up to an additional 12 months.

No cost extensions should be requested 30 days prior to award expiration. PI's should consult their award terms as some sponsors require more advanced notice.

To request a no-cost extension for awards not made by NSF, an email should be sent to SPO with the following information

For NSF Awards: NSF requires that notification of extensions be submitted via FastLane. The PI should initiate the notification procedure through Fast Lane. Once the submit button is clicked, SPO is alerted that a notification is waiting to be processed. An email should also be sent to SPO to alert the office of this request. Once the request has been processed, SPO will forward the notification to NSF via FastLane.

  • PI's name

  • Department
  • Telephone number
  • Sponsor name
  • Sponsor award number
  • Project title
  • Cayuse record number
  • FAU
  • Current expiration date
  • Requested termination
  • Justification for the extension
  • Anticipated balance for carry forward in to the extension period
How do I transfer an award?

Grants and contracts are awarded to the Regents of the University of California, not to individual Principal Investigators (PI). When a PI plans to leave UC Merced and move to another institution, they may wish to request the transfer of their active sponsored projects to their new institution. The decision to transfer will require institutional and sponsor approvals.  PI’s are strongly encouraged to work with their Department Research Administrator (DRA) and contact SPO as soon as possible to facilitate a smooth transition.

What documentation is required to establish a subaward to another institution?
In order to begin the subaward process SPO requires the Subaward Request Form, available here.
Please note that a G-class order is required by Procurement and the order number is required on the request form.  The G-class order is requested through your departmental purchaser and will require the approval of your Departmental Research Administrator.  
The following documents are required if there is a variation from the agency approved budget:
  1. Subawardee scope of work
  2. Subawardee detailed budget
  3. Subawardee budget justification 
The subawardee must be identified in the original proposal submitted to the sponsor and part of the agency approved award.  Subawards established under a pre-award spending account cannot extend beyond the authorized time allotted with an amount pro-rated for the term of the approved pre-award period.